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South America

Machu Picchu

South America

South America is a huge continent of dramatic contrasts and a honeymoon here will be unforgettable. South America is home to a diverse range of peoples, cultures and landscapes. Whichever country you choose for your South American honeymoon, you can be sure that it will be a once in a lifetime romantic experience.

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Some of the biggest cities in the world are found in South America. These pulsating metropolises include Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Santiago. Each one is home to historic architecture, churches, museums, galleries, bars, restaurants and countless further attractions.
All but Bolivia and Paraguay boarder an ocean. Each of those countries have a beautiful coastline - South America is famed for its white sand beaches, fringed with palm and banana trees. Many coastal towns, cities and villages, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Via del Mar in Chile, are a great base from which to visit a range of beaches. You can also take part in a wide range of water sports, should you wish, and visit nearby islands. The continent is also reputed for its national parks, which are an essential part of the South American experience. Parks, such as Puyehue in Chile, feature lakes, waterfalls, tropical forests, wildlife and much more. Almost every natural feature that you can think of can be found somewhere in South America - from deserts to flat grasslands to towering mountains. The Amazon, which covers half of Brazil and part of Venezuela, is a huge expanse of tropical forests and deep rivers. An incredible range of wildlife thrives here, plus the Amazon is the home of several of South America's indigenous people groups. Boat tours can be arranged into the Amazon, much of which remains unexplored to this day.
You have an incredible array of activities at your disposal on your South America honeymoon. You can hike and explore the land of the Incas in Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru. You can cruise the rugged coastline of Patagonia in Southern Chile. Enjoy skiing down one of the beautiful mountains. Or perhaps you want to explore the tremendous Amazon basin via dugout canoe. Marvel at the most spectacular waterfall in the world, Iguazzu Falls, located on the Brazil and Argentina border. Finally enjoy the spectacular beaches of Rio, Ipanema, Cobacabana and Leblon. Combine all of these treats with incredible shopping, delicious cuisine and diverse group of cultures for a memorable honeymoon.
Climate and Weather
The weather varies tremendously throughout the continent and even within some countries. Chile is almost as long as the US is wide, so you have the driest desert in the world, the tallest mountain in South America and warm beaches all in the same country. Most of Brazil is tropical or semi-tropical as is Venezuela and Columbia. Argentina and Chile feature world class skiing in the mountains so you can go from the beach to the mountains in the same day. View the individual countries for more information on weather and temperatures. Keep in mind that the southern part of South American is below the Equator so Winter and Summer are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere.
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